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GoSys is an all-round experienced service company dedicated to ICT. GoSys is the company to contact if you have any questions, or when it comes to on-site service, buying, cleaning up or maintaining your system, warranty, custom-made software, problem solving, hardware and software, learning to handle your computer, homepages, security, and so on.

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About GoSys

Here is a brief explanation of what the name of Gosys (pronounced as gosis) stands for.
It is a mathematical combination. Power to concentrate, resolute and deliberate. Knowing exactly what is needed and seeking solutions patiently. A scientific, materialistic and technical approach. Citaat: hidnsolutions


If you are facing a malfunction, you can be sure that you will be helped out by telephone within two hours. If the problem persists it will be possible to make an appointment at short notice.

Service is comprehensive and may start with a consultative visit to consider the options for buying any computers, printers, telephones, and the like. After having submitted a quotation, GoSys can supply the products of your choice, and install and connect them on site.

When it comes to expanding or renewing your existing equipment, GoSys is the right partner for you.

If your equipment develops any malfunctions, GoSys can advice you.

GoSys offers you instant remote servicing through a VPN link. This remote service can solve your software problems at short notice.

On all transactions are the Terms and Conditions applied. These are known at the Chamber of Commerce and can be downloaded here.


Opening hours
You can contact GoSys every working day from 9 am to 6 pm.

On Sundays and official holidays, you can always try to reach us. Leave a message at our telephone operator or use the voicemail and we will call you back as quickly as possible.

Monday to Friday: 84,83 / hour, being charged for each 15 minutes.
Call-out charges: 0.96 / km (excluding parking charges).

Whenever possible, GoSys will try to state beforehand how much time the jobs will take. Otherwise ask us to do so!

All rates are without tax and on all transactions are the Terms and Conditions applied. These are known at the Chamber of Commerce and can be downloaded here.

Live Support

Download the Remote Software and start GoSys-service app.
Then contact GoSys for further consultation by telephone.

Telefoonnummer +31 (0) 343 - 414 996

+31 (0) 343 - 414 996

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You can register a domain including hosting pack. No limits to make your website, with or without a database.
Create unlimited mail addresses and email wherever you are without limits.
Manage everything by yourself and if you need help, give me a call.

Domain registration from 16,99 a year
Hosting pack from 59,88 a year

Hostingpakket Standard 5GB
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